Qaser Chaudhry

Qaser has lived locally in the Newtown area of Chesham for many years and is active in the local community. He is currently the Mayor of Chesham.

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Joseph Baum

Deputy Chairman (Political)
Buckinghamshire Council Candidate for Chess Valley (1 of 3)

Joseph has lived in Chesham for almost three years and has represented Townsend since May 2019. Since moving to Chesham Joseph has been heavily involved in the local community.

Emily Culverhouse

Deputy Chairman (Membership & Fundraising)
Member of Buckinghamshire Council
Candidate for Chess Valley Ward (1 of 3)

Emily comes from a long line of Culverhouses and can trace her family in Chesham back to the 12th  Century! Her Great Grandfather was Chairman of the Chesham Urban District Council in 1936 and her Grandfather was a local campaigner.

Mark Shaw

Member of Buckinghamshire Council
Candidate for Chesham Ward (1 of 3)

Mark has been a Chesham Town Councillor for the last eight years and the local County Councillor for the last four years.  He has been selected, once again, to stand for the County Council in the Chesham Division which also includes the villages of Ashley Green and Whelpley Hill.  For the last two years he has been Cabinet Member for Transportation and has fought for a much needed higher budget for our roads and pavements locally and throughout the County.

Nick Southworth

Member of Buckinghamshire Council
Candidate for Chesham Ward (1 of 3)

Nick is Bucks born and bred and has lived in Chesham now for a number of years with his wife and they recently welcomed their daughter to the family. He works in Uxbridge and has represented Ridgeway since March 2018. 

Jane MacBean

Buckinghamshire Council Candidate (1 of 3)
Chiltern Ridges Ward

Councillor Jane MACBEAN

Mark Grimson

Mark is a credit risk professional with over 12 years experience, having worked in investment banking, brokerage, corporate banking and currently private equity. Mark has a good depth of knowledge of financial markets through experience and from obtaining CFA, FRM and CAIA qualifications.

Noel Brown

Member of Buckinghamshire Council

Noel Brown County Councillor for Chess Valley

Peter Hudson

Member of Buckinghamshire Council

Peter Hudson lives on Red Lion Street, in the heart of the St Mary’s and Waterside ward, with his wife Emma and daughter Zoe.‘Chesham is a lovely green place to live with a vibrant community spirit and naturally I want to help preserve and improve our community to make it an even better place to live.’

Fred Wilson

Member of Buckinghamshire Council

Fred Wilson and his family moved to Chesham twenty years ago. It was one of the best decisions we ever made!  “Our children received an excellent education locally, we live in a wonderful green environment and we enjoy the great community spirit within our town. Naturally I want to help preserve and improve our community to make it an even better place to live.

Michael Lacey

Michael has lived in Amersham for 18 years, and is currently working locally for Halstan’s Printers in Plantation Road. His main are protecting the green belt and environment and giving young people the best start in life by improving the education they receive.