Martin Tett

Martin has lived in Little Chalfont with his family for over 30 years.  He is determined to keep Bucks beautiful.  He introduced the 'zero tolerance' policy towards fly-tipping and has led the anti HS2 campaign by councils along the route.  He has championed our excellent education system and lobbied for the additional £10 million for Bucks schools recently won from the government.  Even in difficult financial times Martin has prioritised improving our roads and pavements, with over £120 million spent in Bucks in the past six years and a commitment to spend at least another £50 million in the next council.  Locally, Hill Avenue, Woodside Road, Raans Road, Westanley Avenue and the A404 Amersham Road are amongst those recently resurfaced.

Anti-social parking remains a big issue.  Martin has worked with the Parish Council to introduce a village wide parking review in Little Chalfont and supported new restrictions in several parts of  Amersham Common.

Under Martin's leadership, the County Council has co-funded the roll out of high speed broadband to 90% of Bucks, with many parts of Little Chalfont and Amersham now able to enjoy high speed internet access.  He is working to extend this to other local areas.

Martin is a member of the Little Chalfont Community Association and represents Bucks on several national bodies.



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