A group of young volunteers from the local Beaconsfield, Chesham and Amersham Conservative Future (BCACF) branch came out in force on Saturday 11th August to litter pick and clear 5-6 foot high nettles that had started to block a stretch of ‘the backs’ footpath in Waterside, Chesham.


Conservative Future (CF) is the youth wing of the Conservative Party for under 30s.


Local Councillor for Waterside, Peter Hudson, asked the CF branch for help as part of their ongoing social action programme. This followed a number of complaints from residents finding it increasingly difficult to use the section of the backs which leads uphill from Springfield Road due to the large nettles blocking some of the path.


Cllr. Peter Hudson said ‘The Backs’ is one of the most well used footpaths in Waterside as a route to the railway station and I’ve been working hard to find ways of keeping it clear. I’m very grateful to the Conservative Future volunteers who gave up their free time to help the local community. With so many negative stories about young people it’s good to see what a positive difference they can and do make.’


During the clear up, the group filled over 14 sacks full of nettles, vegetation and rubbish including empty bottles, drinks cans and also household waste.


BCACF Chairman, Leon Man (aged 18) said:  “We are delighted to have contributed to cleaning up Chesham and look forward to doing more in the future.”