Sign e-petition re HS2

The Cabinet Offices Major Projects Authority recently undertook a review of the HS2 project based upon the likelihood of it attaining the strategic objectives set for it and also considering the overall value for money of the project. As a result of this review the Major Projects Authority rated HS2 as a red amber project with a high likelihood of failing to meet the objectives set for it.

Since the announcement of the  projects "red amber" status numerous requests have been made for this report to be made public. The Cabinet Office has resisted these calls and has indicated the report will remain confidential for 2 years. Given HS2 requires a significant investment for the UK taxpayer and that the decision to proceed with it is predicated upon the "transformational benefits" is will bring to the regions of the UK many feel that this decision is unreasonable and are seeking to persuade the government to release the report immediately.

Please consider signing the below as soon as possible.

Andrew Garnett
Chairman, Chesham and Amersham Conservative Association