Planned changes to Road Inspections in Bucks County

Motorists in Buckinghamshire are set to benefit from changes to the way inspections and road repairs take place in the county.

The changes, listed below, will improve the way that Transport for Buckinghamshire operates, bringing a better service for residents.

More highway inspectors:
The number of highways inspectors has doubled since April. All inspections are now carried out by a two–man team, with one inspecting while the other drives, ensuring a greater coverage of the area and more thorough inspections.

Categorisation of potholes:
CAT 1 potholes, those in most need of repair, found during inspections are repaired within 24 hours. A new category, CAT 2, has been introduced with these potholes being reported to the Local Area Technician (LAT) who is then responsible for deciding the most appropriate type of repair and response time.

Increased pothole resources:
Alongside the changes in categorisation of potholes, the gang with primary responsibility for fixing them has increased from eight to twelve men, allowing for more repairs each day.

New proactive approach to road patching:
Our two six-man road patching gangs address areas of road between 5m2 and 100m2. They will use hot material to repair patches of road in need of repair and are now able to repair up to 150m2 per gang per day, an impressive increase in output.

Velocity Patcher:
The Velocity Patcher is able to carry out 30% more pothole repairs per day than using the conventional method and therefore reduces costs. It provides a permanent first time repair using cold lay material and it is quick and easy to use. It has the potential to use recycled road surfacing materials. The treatment is also carried out without the need for vibrating tools or rollers so there is no noise pollution.

Peter Hardy, Buckinghamshire County Council Cabinet Member for Planning and Transport said, “These changes mean that TfB can more closely address the concerns of the travelling public. Alongside the £30m ‘We’re Working On It’ major repair programme, this shows how TfB are committed to providing the best quality service and value for money for Buckinghamshire.”