Letter to Every Conservative MP re HS2

All Conservative MPs

House of Commons


London SW1A 0AA

1stJune 2011


Dear Colleague

The past few weeks have seen the Coalitions policy of deficit reduction start to bite and we all hope and pray that this will quickly restore our nation to economic health.

Here in Chesham and Amersham our Association has serious concerns about one prong of the Coalitions strategy and this relates to the proposed development of High Speed Rail (HS2) between London and the North of our country.

Having reviewed the business and environmental cases in detail we are concerned that they simply do not support a £30billion project. Many commentators are now questioning whether HS2 will ever deliver the benefits suggested in those documents.

Contrary to the rebalancing of the economy claimed for high-speed rail, evidence from around the world shows that such links can produce the opposite effect, sucking regional business and investment into the capital.

By anyone's standard £30billion is a vast sum of money to spend, particularly when the business case and green credentials have failed to withstand scrutiny. So far, not a single broadsheet newspaper has declared itself in support of HS2.

Think of what other truly transformational projects we could deploy £30billion on. These could directly benefit your constituency. Think of the tax cuts that we could  deliver using just a small portion of this sum to inject a massive stimulus to the economy and relieving the lower paid and "squeezed middle" of a heavy burden.

Increasingly we are hearing from your constituents that they do not support HS2 and that there are better things that this money could be spent on. Do you agree with them?  We need to find a way to persuade George Osborne to cancel this project and the obvious reasons to do this are that it is grossly expensive and will do nothing to address either the North South divide nor environmental concerns.  

Will you work with us to see this project off?  We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Garnett

Andrew Garnett