Last Chance to SAY NO!

This finishes on Friday 29th July. If you have not already completed your response, please do so.

To respond to the Consultation you can respond either by e-mail or on the DfT website. This link takes you to the electronic form <>

If you need some help in completing the response, the following links will help
Chiltern Society – <>
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South Northants Action Group – on line form which will be sent electronically <>

Please remember

  1. Use your  own words  
  2. Rational  arguments are much more effective  
  3. Answer  the question first, then give your reasons  
  4. The  questions are designed to get a YES answer

Appraisal of Sustainability (AoS)
On July 15 2011 the DfT have published errors (erratum) related to the April 2011 consultation papers. The attached link relates to the AoS. In particular they have updated the spoil calculations increasing them substantially. <>
However they have still failed to include the spoil which will arise from the major cutting through the Chilterns.

Bullet Train Crash
There has been a major crash on China’s HS Railway, with more than 30 dead and nearly 200 injured. One can only feel sorrow for the loss of life. The tragedy arose in a thunderstorm, when one train lost both power and communications. There is a lot of talk about corruption and sub-standard work.
In the past I have reported that Mr Hammond wants to do HSR the way the Chinese do. Obviously not like this, but!!!!!!!! <>

Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA)
The IEA has come out with a scathing attack on the Economic Case for HS2 describing it as the Government’s next Millennium Dome. The link is to a BBC Report <>

This takes you a page where you can download the report <>