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Local Government Councillors need to make themselves as accessible as possible to as many of the people they serve as possible. This is something we strongly believe in and why we launched the Chesham Councillors Facebook page at the start of this year –

It’s clear that people are increasingly choosing to communicate in more varied ways and as local Councillors we need to be responsive to this if we are to keep engaged with large sections of the community.  Of course, we continue to provide printed newsletters and are available via the phone and email, but we also realise the importance of having an interactive on-line presence. provides anyone with a Facebook account the chance to interact directly with elected Chesham Councillors 24/7 – raise concerns, ask questions or just seek clarification on where to go for help with local issues. The page itself is updated regularly with local interest stories concerning Chesham.  These updates can be seen in the users own newsfeed simply by clicking the ‘like’ button on the Chesham Councillors Facebook page. 

Recent examples of news stories include information on the roll out of the new Waste Collection Service and highlighting local events, such as the planned summer activities for young people in Chesham.  In addition to the Chesham Councillors Facebook page, Twitter users can also follow @cheshamcllrs for local information and again interact directly with Councillors and raise local issues.

The Chesham Councillors Facebook page and Twitter account is managed by the Conservative group of Chesham Councillors. We are the largest group of Councillors in Chesham with representation in all areas of the Town and the only group that has elected representatives at all levels – Town, District and County.  However, the site is open to ALL to comment and post on and aims to be a real Community source of information and an interactive site where residents can seek help on any local issue.

Visit us at or @cheshamcllrs soon - We will be happy to help!

On behalf of our Group: Councillor Peter Hudson Leader of the Conservative Group on CheshamTown Council and Town Cllr for Waterside.  Councillor Mark Shaw Town Cllr for Newtown.  Councillor Christine Boxer Town Cllr for Waterside