Fewer NHS Bureaucrats

Health managers cut back

The number of managers in the NHS is falling after rising by two thirds under Labour.

Official figures also show that the number of front-line workers continued to rise last year. Over the past year, the number of managers fell by 2,770 while the number of clinical staff rose by 2,707.

Conservative health minister, said: “Under Labour; tiers of management took resources away from improving front-line patient care. We’re changing all that by reducing bureaucracy and ploughing this money straight back into patient care.”

The annual workforce census published by the NHS Information Centre found there were 41,962 managers in England last September. This was a fall of 6.2 per cent on the same month in the previous year but an increase of 66.1 per cent since 2000.

The Health and Social Care Bill will result in the removal of two tiers of management. The NHS is also under orders to make £20 billion of efficiency savings over the next three years.