Councillors choose local road repairs

Councillors choose Roads for Urgent Repair


In Amersham, Councillors Martin Phillips and Steven Adams submitted a joint list.  Mr Adams said: “As Amersham is a twin division, Martin Phillips and I did ours together - so it’s a bigger pool.  There are key roads on there like Copperkins Lane which are in need of maintenance, but there are also smaller closes which need attention.”


In Chalfont St Peter, roads including The Vale and sections of the A413 were nominated.


Councillor Noel Brown of Chesham focused his attention on Red Lion Street, Germain Street, Waterside, Friar Close, Broadway and Church Street.  He said he is also pushing for White Hill and Latimer Road to be done.  He said: “It’s a  tremendous improvement being asked for roads.  The thing is members’ priorities, like residents’ are quite different from engineers’.  We want the roads most used done and they want the ones with underlying problems.  We decided to put priority on the high priority ones.  I’ve been pushing very hard for these roads and I’m only sorry I can’t get more in”.


Councillor Mohammad Bhatti of Chesham chose Broad Street, Nashleigh Hill, Ashley Green Road, Severalls Avenue, Britannia Road and Brockhurst Road.  He said:  “I chose these because I think they are the worst.  A lot of people live around them and use them and the condition of them is not good.  I hope they will all get done”.  Nashleigh Hill was already in Transport for Bucks’ (TfB) programme and work has just been carried out on it.  Mr Bhatti added: “I’m very happy with the work on Nashleigh Hill, it’s very good quality”.