Conservative Councillors Call for Petition to Review Residents Parking across Chesham

Up until February this year the enforcement of on-street parking restrictions in Chesham was carried out by Chiltern District Council as a delegated responsibility of Bucks County Council. During this time parking restrictions in residential areas were not enforced on public holidays as the traffic problems were in the working week. Since 1st February 2012, private company NSL Ltd, acting as contractor for Transport for Buckinghamshire, has taken over the enforcement of on-street parking across the whole County and enforcement has been more rigorous. Whilst this has benefited Chesham in some ways, such as dealing with inconsiderate parking, they have taken advantage of some variations, particularly where Bank Holidays were not excluded, which has infuriated many local residents where off-street parking is very limited.

Chesham District and County Cllr. Noel Brown said: “Although there are benefits, including significant financial savings to the tax payer through the use of a private contractor, the County are in a position where they cannot instruct that legal traffic orders are not enforced, such as no parking Monday – Friday from 8am – 6pm. The result is that the commonsense approach adopted by Chiltern District previously of not ticketing in residential areas on public holidays is now not an option and we need to get the Traffic Orders throughout the town brought into line to exclude Bank Holidays, and we need to get this done as soon as possible.”

Chesham Town Councillor, Mark Shaw, said “The only way forward is to review all of the TROs across Chesham so that, where possible, exceptions can be put in place to legally allow residents to park without fear of being ticketed on public holidays. I encourage as many Chesham residents as possible to sign the petition and express their concerns. “

Chesham’s Conservative Councillors, acting jointly, have set up a petition which calls upon the County Council to review all TROs in Chesham and to remove the Bank Holiday anomaly. The petition can be accessed online at and paper copies of the petition have been sent to local shops and businesses in the town for those residents that wish to sign in person.

Town and District Councillor for Chesham , Peter Hudson, said – “Along with my colleagues, I feel strongly about this issue and am aware of the many hotspots across the town that have been affected, such as Waterside, Barnes Avenue and Eskdale Avenue, to name just a few. We understand that residents are concerned and we want to find solutions and this petition will help us do this, especially if it is well supported by local residents.”

Conservative Councillors plan to present the petition at the next Local Area Forum meeting of the County Council in October on Wednesday 10th October.