Conservative Councillor one of the youngest

Town elects one of youngest


A woman became one of the youngest councillors in the country on May 5th.  Conservative Rabia Bhatti, who has just turned 20, thought to be one of Chesham’s youngest councillors, was elected to represent Newtown ward. She follows in the footsteps of her father – county and district councillor Mohammad Bhatti.


Miss Bhatti said: “It’s an amazing feeling.  You always hear the government going on about involving young people but no-one is doing it.  I think they have the idea it’s for old boys and they say I can’t be a councillor. I’m too young.  But age has nothing to do with it.  As long as you’ve got the right attitude and you’re passionate about helping people then there should be no restrictions”. 


Miss Bhatti has a history of holding responsible and public speaking roles in the community.  She became a governor at Newtown School last year - the youngest governor in Bucks at the time - she chaired the Chiltern Community Cohesion Conference in Chesham in March   and she is the first student president at Aylesbury College, where she is studying philosophy, psychology and law.  She said: “These positions give me high responsibility and I’m meeting people all the time and can see their day to day needs.  So I feel because of that and my strong ties to Chesham, I firmly believe I can make the changes Chesham wants and needs and help to progress the town.  “I’d have been foolish to throw away this opportunity”.  Miss Bhatti hopes to go into mainstream politics. 


She said: “This is the first step.  I’ve realised the more you put in the more you get out, and that’s what attracts me to it.  Being one of the country’s youngest female councillors and making that history is definitely for me phenomenal, and I hope it will inspire other people".