Chilterns New Waste Collection Service

All change is hard and I recognise this. As one of the local Councillors for Prestwood I wanted to correct some misunderstandings.


Yes, wheeled bins are coming to Prestwood and the rest of Chiltern District (half of the area currently has wheeled bins and half black sacks) but food waste will continue to be collected weekly - this was crucial to my support for the initiative.


Furthermore the new waste contract will see doorstep collections of waste paper, glass, plastics, tin cans, batteries, clothing etc on a fortnightly basis. Garden waste can also be collected on the payment of a £30 per annum fee. A significant improvement on today's position.


I recognise that not every property either in Prestwood or across the District can have wheeled bins. Accordingly the new collection process will be introduced in a flexible manner with those in flats etc not forced to take a wheeled bin -  this is the direct result of Councillors telling Officers what will and will not work on this contract.


The new contract will save Chiltern (or more accurately the Council Tax payer) in excess of £400,000 on the present arrangements. It is my view (shared I believe by every Group on Chiltern District Council who voted unanimously for the new waste contract) that the new collection arrangements  will improve existing arrangements significantly and end the weekly ritual of gathering up waste from ripped plastic bin bags.


I'm happy to talk to any resident who is concerned by this and can be reached on


Cllr Andrew Garnett

Chairman of Chesham and Amersham Conservative Association

Conservative Group Chairman

Chiltern District Council

Prestwood and Heath End Ward