Cheryl Gillan vows to keep fighting HS2

The shackles are off and Cheryl will be back to publicly campaigning against the biggest threat to hit her constituency.

"I'm persistent. I have never given up on things. My claws were temporarily sheathed but they haven't lost their sharpness."

Cheryl Gillan said she couldn't publicly voice her own views on the controversial project while she was a cabinet minister - but that is now going to change.   She said: "Now I can continue doing out in the open what I have been doing privately on HS2.   "I'm very loyal to my party but I don't agree with all the Government's policy. I have always opposed the project from day one.

Cheryl Gillan said despite being silent in public on her views, the exact opposite was true behind the scenes as she constantly made her feelings known to Prime Minister David Cameron.   She said: "He's under no illusions about my views on HS2 - I spoke to him about it as recently as Monday - and so is Justine [Greening, former Transport Secretary]."

Tuesday's reshuffle meant Patrick McLoughlin becomes the fourth minister to serve as Transport Secretary in the two years since the route of the line through the Chiltern hills was first confirmed.

Cheryl Gillan said the lack of continuity in the role was "terrible" but added she has already asked Mr McLoughlin, former Chief Whip, to scrap the project altogether.   She urges constituents to once again make their views on the scheme known to the new man, saying the battle to axe it is far from over.  She said: "We get to educate a new set of transport ministers. They should be left in no uncertain terms as to the strength of feeling.

"It's the project that has enjoyed the most response and most emotive response from my constituents, and I'm sure he will welcome hearing those views at first hand."   "I've always said you can't presume you can stop this so you've got to get the best deal if you can't stop it."

Cheryl Gillan has been in talks this week with the company charged with construction work through the Chilterns, and has raised with them the prospect of tunnelling under the AONB for the entire stretch.   She has also expressed an interest in sitting on the Transport Select Committee, an influential group of MPs which shapes the Government's transport policy.