Chairman lobbies Hammond

Andrew Garnett and Tricia Birchley today lobbied Philip Hammond, Transport Secretary at Conservative Party Conference..


Hammond was pressed  on the economic and environmental concerns surrounding HS2 which he dismissed out of hand arguing that our objections are solely linked to property values.


Hammond appears not to have heard of the varying rare and endangered habitats HS2 will destroy. Asked to comment on the decision Hammond reiterated that no final decision has been taken amd he awaits the findings of the consultation. He budid however appear to rule out any consideration of alternate routes. Commenting Andrew Garnett  said "Hammond just doesn't seem to get the damage his proposals will wreak on the Chilterns AONB. Neither does he appear to understand that the economics of his business case don't stack up."


Tricia Birchley stated "I'm disappointed that Philip Hammond would not engage with us fully on this important issue. Its in all of our interests to Stop HS2.