The SUPPER CLUB meets every month except August, usually on the second Friday at 7.30 for 8 pm, at Amersham & Chiltern Rugby Club, Ash Grove, Weedon Lane (off Copperkins Lane), Amersham.  This thriving club brings together people from throughout the constituency.  Easy parking is the first attraction, follow that with a three course meal (with which you compliment your own wine) coffee and then a speaker and you can understand why it is so popular. Membership Secretary: Margaret Hedger 01494 786879.

The 200 CLUB meets half-yearly on the occasion of its ‘big ‘ draws' when a first prize of £600 goes to one of  the 200 members who each subscribed £20 to hold a particular number for a year.Organiser: David Kirchheimer  01494 726797.