Conservative Future

Beaconsfield, Chesham and Amersham Conservative Future (BCACF)
Conservative Future (CF) is the youth wing of the Conservative Party for under 30s. BCACF is the local CF branch with covers both the Beaconsfield and Chesham & Amersham constituencies.
Our aims
As a voluntary group led by young conservative members, we aim to:
- Engage and inform as many young people as possible in politics and citizenship
- Work with and for our local communities through social action projects
- Recruit and provide young members with an active social and political platform
- Ensure that the Conservative Party listens to the views of young people through the Conservative Future Policy Forum, and hold politicians to account.
What we do
BCACF is a members' driven group led by an elected Committee. We have meetings once a month where we update all members on what's going on within the branch, plan events and campaigns, and run our Conservative Future Policy Forum discussion sessions, which gives everyone the opportunity to discuss a particular theme of public policy. Other activities include running social events for members, helping out during elections, taking part in local community social action projects, and getting more young people involved in politics.
BCACF Democracy Programme
BCACF has launched its own Democracy Programme for all education establishments across the South Bucks and Chiltern districts. The Programme consists of a range of initiatives that aims to inform and educate young people about politics and how they can play an active role in society. This includes assemblies, lectures, policy discussion sessions and politics lessons. Please do not hesitate to ask us for more information, especially if you're a local school or student!
Join us!
You don't need to have a lot of spare time to get involved in what we do. As a member, you're able to contribute to Party policy, influence what BCACF does, establish network with other CF members and politicians across the country, take part in a range of fun events and help spread conservative values locally and nationally.
If you would like more information on BCACF or would like to be updated on our activities, please email the Leon Man, the BCACF Chairman, at Do also follow us on Twitter @BCACF and check out our Facebook Page
We look forward to hearing from you!