Ashley Green Latimer and Chenies Ward

Andrew Garth

Councillor for Ashley Green, Latimer and Chenies

Ashley Green, Latimer and Chenies is a rural ward to the east of Chesham and Little Chalfont, and adjoins Hertfordshire. It is made up of the three parishes after which it is named. There are five villages in the Ward – Ashley Green, Chenies, Latimer, Ley Hill (including part of Botley) and Whelpley Hill. There are also three primary schools as well as churches, pubs, village halls, farms and businesses that help make up the Ward's very strong local communities.

Andrew was elected councillor for the Ward in October 2010. He lives in Ley Hill, one of the Ward's larger villages, with his wife (an associate governor at the village school and local Brownie Guide leader) and three children. He has lived in the village since 2006, previously living nearby in Chesham.

Andrew has fifteen years' financial management experience working for large banks in London. As councillor he has used this experience on his constituents' behalf to review and question proposals raised at Chiltern District Council. He is currently working with other district and county councillors to consider what impact the Big Society reforms may have on Buckinghamshire.


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