There are a number of political groups in the constituency.  They discuss a variety of issues and a brief description of these groups are listed below.  We would welcome your opinion so please come along.
The CONSERVATIVE WOMEN’S ORGANISATION (CWO), comprising representatives from all the Branches, is a political and fund-raising organisation and very much the ‘backbone’ of the Association.  Monthly meetings are held in order to discuss the latest social events on its agenda or maybe the latest conference that members have attended.  A lively exchange of views on the current political scene goes without saying!  CWCC Chairman: Pamela Dibbo.
The CONSERVATIVE POLICY FORUM discusses Party policy issues via email exchange and the occasional village hall meeting. Any member can participate - Chairman: Andrew Garnett 07775 925600. 
The SUPPER CLUB meets every month except August, usually on the second Friday at 7.30 for 8 pm, at Amersham & Chiltern Rugby Club, Ash Grove, Weedon Lane (off Copperkins Lane), Amersham.  This thriving club brings together people from throughout the constituency.  Easy parking is the first attraction, follow that with a three course meal (with which you compliment your own wine) coffee and then a speaker and you can understand why it is so popular. Membership Secretary: Margaret Hedger 01494 786879.
The 200 CLUB meets half-yearly on the occasion of its ‘big ‘ draws' when a first prize of £600 goes to one of  the 200 members who each subscribed £20 to hold a particular number for a year.Organiser: David Kirchheimer  01494 726797.